The importance of a good office environment in today’s modern workplace cannot be overstated. The ambience, design, and functionality of a workplace all play a pivotal role in shaping not only your day-to-day operations but also the overall productivity and well-being of you and your team.

So, if your team has been grappling with productivity challenges in your current workspace, we are here to offer a workplace management solution. Explore the possibilities that Keppel can unlock for you. Here is a glimpse of what the office of the future can look like.

What You Can Expect From Keppel’s Workplace Management Solutions

1. Collaboration Zone

Active Hybrid Workspace_Collaboration Zone

Raise your hands if your meeting has ever been delayed because your team had to scramble to find an appropriate place for a discussion. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common occurrence in the workplace, leading to lost time which could have been spent on the task at hand.

To address this, our workplace management solution includes strategically incorporating designated collaboration zones within workspaces, which are tailored for brainstorming sessions and small group discussions. This thoughtful design not only eliminates the hassle of finding a meeting spot but also enhances productivity by providing fixed, conducive spaces for team interactions.

In addition to streamlining your meeting logistics, you may also opt for lightweight furniture which allows you and your team to effortlessly rearrange the setup, promoting interactive and creative exchanges. User-friendly video conferencing solutions can also be integrated into these collaboration zones for hybrid sessions, providing a seamless, engaging meeting for online and onsite participants.

2. Focus Nook

Active Hybrid Workspace_Focus Nook

Some employees require a quiet and peaceful environment to produce their best work. Others may need a private setting for a call or to work on confidential or sensitive projects. Focus Nooks provide dedicated workspaces where you can be free from outside noise and other distractions.

Active Hybrid Workspace_Flex Mobile Adapter

Complementing the Focus Nooks, Flex Mobile Adapters ensure you have the flexibility to work anywhere without the concern of device batteries running out, and serve as the perfect accessory to keep your devices powered throughout the day.

3. Health and Wellness

Active Hybrid Workspace_Treadmill Desk

At Keppel, we take a holistic approach to workplace design, with our customers’ overall well-being in mind. Thus, ergonomic furniture is a must to ensure optimal posture support, helping users to stay productive throughout the day.

To combat sedentary behaviour, height-adjustable treadmill desks can be incorporated to promote fitness and wellness during calls or individual work sessions, allowing you to reshape how you work. As you get your daily step count in, you may also notice that the routine helps improve your cognitive functions, increasing alertness and your ability to concentrate.

4. Data-driven Design

Expanding upon our holistic approach to workplace design, we embrace innovative solutions and employ data to further optimise office spaces. This ensures that every square foot is intelligently and fully utilised. From the ambient temperature and lighting to the air quality, we ensure the office environment is seamlessly adapted to the number of individuals present for optimal well-being and sustainability.

Envision a work environment that adapts to your needs, empowers productivity, and inspires creativity. That is what Keppel can provide with our workplace management solutions. We aim to offer end-to-end solutions for designing, building, and operating office spaces, prioritising user well-being as part of our commitment to Sustainable Urban Renewal (SUR).

So, let us help transform your workspace into a place where work meets inspiration and possibilities unfold at every desk, in every shared space. Find out more about our SUR solutions here or contact us to elevate your work experience today.



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