Sustainability Highlights BCA Green Mark Awards
BCA Green Mark Awards
Total of 92 BCA Green Mark Awards as at end-February 2023, including one Platinum Zero Energy, one Platinum Super Low Energy, and 18 Platinum Awards.
Sustainability Highlights Carbon Emissions Reduction
120,000 TONNES
Carbon Emissions Avoidance
When fully completed, the total avoidance in carbon emissions from all of Keppel's real estate division BCA Green Mark-awarded projects will be about 120,000 tonnes per annum.
Sustainability Highlights Energy Savings
Energy & Cost Savings
Total energy savings of over 300 million kWh per annum, which translates into cost savings of about $90 million per annum, can be achieved from all of Keppel's real estate division BCA Green Mark-awarded developments when they are fully completed.
Sustainability Highlights Sterling Safety Record
Sterling Safety Record
Strong track record in safety with over 14 million man-hours worked and zero fatalities in 2022.
Sustainability Highlights Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
Achieved an overall employee engagement score of 89% in 2022, higher than Mercer's average score of 80%.
Sustainability Highlights Volunteerism
5,900 HOURS
A total of more than 5,900 hours were clocked by staff for community outreach activities in Singapore and overseas in 2022.

Awards and recognition

Sustainability Framework

We place sustainability at the core of our strategy, delivering innovative solutions that enrich people and communities while creating enduring value for our stakeholders - through environmental stewardship responsible business practices, and nurturing our people and the communities, wherever we operate.
Environmental Stewardship
Environmental Stewardship
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Responsible Business
Responsible Business
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People and Community
People and Community
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Sustainable Development Goals

We have adopted six of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals which are most aligned with our business.
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