Singapore’s architectural landscape is set to welcome the latest groundbreaking commercial property developed by Keppel – Keppel South Central! Located in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) and a gateway to the Greater Southern Waterfront, Keppel South Central is expected to be completed in Q1 2025.

This 33-storey commercial tower, comprising Grade-A offices, flexible workspaces, retail and event spaces, and a diverse range of indoor and outdoor amenities, seamlessly blends distinctive architectural elements with cutting-edge energy-efficient design features to redefine the concept of workspaces. It truly is a next-generation smart, super low-energy building, with 24/7 facilities to meet every occupant’s needs.

Keppel South Central: Designed for the Talents of Tomorrow

Keppel South Central (KSC)

In the dynamic landscape of the modern workplace, the talents of tomorrow seek more than an office to work. At Keppel, we understand and acknowledge the diverse needs of our occupants. As such, it is not just about delivering a space for lease but also an experience. That is why we have collaborated with  global architecture and design firm – NBBJ – during development to offer our tenants an inclusive community where professionals can thrive personally and professionally.

At the heart of Keppel South Central's allure is its design as a vertical park, featuring a mix of alternative workplaces and facilities that seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces. With over 60,000 square feet of shared amenities designed to cater to diverse needs, tenants can indulge in a broad array of offerings within the development with their families. These include spaces for families and pets,  an indoor gymnasium, outdoor fitness decks, a swimming pool, sleeping rooms, nursing rooms, and event spaces.

Tenants can also enjoy round-the-clock efficiency and the flexibility of managing their working hours to suit their lifestyles. All this is possible with Keppel South Central’s cutting-edge features, which aim to offer occupants a seamless work experience. Equipped with a digital spine – a sophisticated network infrastructure running throughout the building – that ensures quick connections, tenants can stay connected to their secured company network even in other parts of the building. This digital spine acts like the central nervous system, linking various devices, systems, and services seamlessly. Paired with 5G-enabled wifi technology throughout designated work areas, individuals are empowered to work anywhere, any time – the way they want!

To further support our tenants' preferred work styles and enhance productivity, we have included facial recognition access, smart lighting, micro-zoned air-conditioning systems, and an indoor air quality management system to cater for 24/7 business operations, providing them with a conducive work environment to excel. Meanwhile, our facilities can be easily accessed via an all-in-one integrated application, allowing occupants to book their desired work amenities and manage visitors with a click of a button.

A Leading Green Icon

As the needs of the talents of tomorrow change and evolve, so too does the requirement of the workplace of the future. With millennials representing the majority of the labour pool globally and Generation Z entering the workforce, there is a growing push for green initiatives, as many in these groups are passionate about ethical organisations with a commitment to their social and environmental impact. Many of them expect the companies they work for and do business with to share similar values, particularly around sustainability.

That is why Keppel South Central is not only developed as a workplace where the trajectories of work and life meet. This sustainable building also features myriad innovative and green features designed to cater to the wants of these talents of tomorrow. Let us share more about the sustainability innovations that led to Keppel South Central being a recipient of the BCA Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy Award.

1. Smart Building Management Systems

At Keppel, we always seek to optimise energy usage within our commercial properties, ensuring that resources are efficiently utilised while minimising waste. Special care and attention went to developing Keppel South Central’s high-performance facade system, which helps minimise the amount of solar heat gain in the building, thus reducing the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortable, cool environment for occupants.

In another step towards energy efficiency, Keppel South Central employs lighting systems integrated with motion sensors and micro-zoned air-conditioning in designated areas to create a sustainable building without compromising functionality. The zoned air-conditioning system allows us to divide the building’s vast space into individual areas, which can be cooled independently. This way, only the air conditioning for specific zones needs to be maintained after normal business hours for tenants with longer or 24/7 business operations.

These smart building management systems enable us to provide adaptive lighting and ventilation, thus maintaining a comfortable, productive environment for all tenants while reducing energy consumption.

2. Rainwater Harvesting System

Water is another precious resource we take significant care to handle responsibly at Keppel South Central. The implementation of a rainwater harvesting system demonstrates our commitment to sustainable water management, helping us reduce the building’s reliance on external water sources. The water saving forecast is estimated to be around 26,000m3 yearly, equivalent to filling ten Olympic-sized swimming pools.

3. Renewable Energy and Onsite Photovoltaic Panels

Keppel South Central integrates onsite photovoltaic (PV) panels to harness solar power and generate renewable energy to power our sustainable building. This commitment to clean energy aligns with Keppel’s efforts to combat climate change while positioning Keppel South Central as a leading green icon.

With all the sustainability innovation in place, when completed, Keppel South Central’s annual energy consumption reduction is expected to be about 6.2 million kWh, or energy savings of 40% compared to a code-compliant building. This figure is equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power around 1,300 homes in Singapore for a year.

Keppel South Central, a cutting-edge and sustainable workplace, is poised to become a signature development by Keppel. While prioritising sustainability, our initiatives at Keppel South Central are crafted with tenants in focus, offering substantial cost savings without compromising comfort and productivity. This approach is geared towards ensuring that tenants can excel in their work environment.

If you seek an office for rent and want to learn more about this commercial property, feel free to connect with us today and receive the latest rental rates, available floors and units, and uncover our other exclusive features that truly make this a landmark amongst future office buildings!

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