Keppel is a global asset manager and operator with strong expertise in sustainability-related solutions spanning the areas of infrastructure, real estate, and connectivity. We leverage our expertise in providing critical infrastructure and services for renewables, clean energy, decarbonisation, sustainable urban renewal, and digital connectivity to deliver future-ready solutions for the development of smart cities. 

What Is A Smart City?

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A ‘smart city’ refers to an urban space that utilises technology and data to create a more connected, sustainable, and equitable urban environment that enhances the quality of life for its residents.Defining characteristics of a ‘smart’ city include:

  • Efficient use of energy, resources, and space as part of the city planning process;
  • Having smart buildings that use connected digital technologies at its core;
  • Highly efficient public transportation and traffic systems;
  • Using technology to improve the environmental and sustainability performance.

To achieve this goal, a smart city usually incorporates various technologies in its design, such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to collect and analyse information including those on the city’s environment and infrastructure. With this data, city planners can make informed decisions on improving infrastructure, reducing energy consumption, optimising transportation systems, and enhancing public safety.

Keppel’s Smart City Initiative In the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City

The vibrant 30-square-kilometre Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City (Eco-City) – a landmark bilateral cooperation project between the governments of Singapore and China – is a showpiece of Keppel’s strong expertise in sustainability-related solutions. As the leader of the Singapore consortium, we work closely with our Chinese consortium partner to contribute to the Eco-City's transformation over the years.

Before the project broke ground in 2008, the site was a barren land comprised primarily of salt farms, non-arable land, and polluted water bodies. Today, the Eco-City is a bustling community with a residential population of over 150,000 people and 30,000 registered companies, with various amenities like community centres, schools, shopping malls, and commercial offices.

In 2021, our Real Estate Division launched the Seasons Smart Vibrant Precinct in the Eco-City. The Precinct comprises four residential developments (Seasons Heights, Seasons Garden, Seasons Park and Seasons Residences) and a commercial development (Seasons City). To align with our goals of improving urban living, sustainability, and efficiency, smart infrastructures, such as an Integrated Operations and Management Control Centre, waste sorting stations, sponge city devices, and low-carbon intelligent interactive facilities, were incorporated in the Precinct. 

Meanwhile, Seasons City, which is a part of the Seasons Smart Vibrant Precinct, has a total gross floor area of about 161,800 sm, comprising a five-storey retail mall and three office towers. In recognition of our sustainability efforts, Seasons City (Phase 1), comprising the retail mall and a 10-storey office tower, has been awarded the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award. Seasons City’s retail mall has also secured the Tianjin Climate Exchange Carbon Neutrality certification. To deliver innovative solutions that enrich people and communities, Seasons City also features a range of smart applications, such as a smart parking system and a cloud-based service platform, which offers personalised and convenient shopping experiences.

Leveraging its capabilities in master planning and urban space solutions, Keppel is also developing a carbon-neutral smart precinct in the Eco-City’s Northern District, which would contribute to China’s decarbonisation goals. 

Keppel’s Showcase At The 25th China Hi-Tech Fair

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The Eco-City was showcased at the 25th China Hi-Tech Fair, held in Shenzhen in November 2023. At the exhibition booth, visitors were able to experience various real-life scenarios in a smart city and understand how Keppel’s smart city initiatives contribute to community governance and resident well-being.

The digital exhibits showcased the top-level designs of our urban space solutions and the details of our community operations, demonstrating Keppel’s ability to support China’s urbanisation development model and help build engaged communities.

Our community operation brand “种彩桔” (Zhong Cai Ju) also garnered positive attention at the fair. Through “种彩桔”, we aim to leverage digital governance platforms, activate underutilised public spaces, initiate diverse community activities, and connect residents, encouraging them to engage in community management and support each other, thus cultivating an environment of mutual support and robust vibrancy.

In recognition of our innovative solutions, Keppel was named “2023 Leading Smart Park Solution Provider” and “2023 Leading Smart Community Solution Provider” at the fair. Beyond Tianjin, Keppel has also secured contracts to provide master planning, smart city solutions, and estate management advisory for projects in Jinan, China, and Sri Lanka.

If you are keen to find out more about Keppel’s end-to-end smart, sustainable urban solutions, reach out to us to learn more.



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