Whistleblower Statement

Whistleblower policy

As being Trusted is one of Keppel’s Core Values, Keppel expects its employees to carry out their duties and responsibilities in an ethical manner and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations at all times in the countries where Keppel carries on business.

Making a Report

Keppel has a Whistleblower reporting channel for its customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders to report, in good faith, details of any instances of illegal and/or unethical conduct.

Incidents of actual or suspected illegal and/or unethical conduct and violation of laws & regulations should be promptly reported to the Receiving Officer via Keppel’s independent reporting channels as follows:

Email: kpmgethicsline@kpmg.com

Hotline - Country Toll Free Number:

  • Singapore 6413 6500
  • China 4001206106
  • India 0008000404498
  • Indonesia 0078036510074
  • Japan 00531650622
  • Malaysia 1800801703
  • Philippines 180016510822
  • South Korea 007986517579
  • Vietnam 12065300
  • Belgium 080070915
  • Germany 08001810027
  • Netherlands 08000227536
  • UK 08081015334
  • Brazil 08007219563
  • USA 18338217058
  • Australia 1800845319

Online Form: https://www.kpmgethicsline.com

Keppel has engaged KPMG to provide an independent platform for employees as well as external parties such as customers, suppliers, contractors and applicants for employment, to raise concerns in good faith about any perceived irregularity or misconduct, without fear of reprisal.

The Whistleblower reporting channel is not intended for reporting issues that are (i) not factual; or (ii) trivial, frivolous and vexatious in nature; or (iii) where the reported matter or subject has no relevance to Keppel and/or its related entities.

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