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We offer a broad spectrum of professional and personal development programmes, as well as networking opportunities to help our employees reach their fullest potential.

Keppel Leadership Institute exemplifies the Company's commitment to develop future leaders and equip them with capabilities to drive and support the sustainable growth of our businesses. Anchored by two key pillars of leadership and professional, Keppel Leadership Institute focuses on building capabilities across the Company via a variety of learning approaches.

Keppel Leadership Institute adopts a holistic and inclusive approach to helping Keppelites build capabilities under two key pillars:

  • Leadership – As Keppel continues to expand globally, the Institute exemplifies the Company's commitment to develop future leaders and managers by equipping them with capabilities to drive and support the sustainable growth of our businesses.
  • Professional – Keppel Leadership Institute is also focused on helping Keppelites deepen their business skills in collaboration with internal and external partners.

The aim is to build a culture of continuous learning with a vision to develop global leaders who exemplify Keppel's core values, are well-equipped to grow sustainable businesses and touch lives.

Keppel Leadership Institute is envisioned as an incubator for Keppelites of today and tomorrow. Through this platform, I hope that the Institute will be able to offer transformative learning experiences to our talents so that they will be able to grow into effective managers, as well as mentors, developing and inspiring others.

To bridge business units and culture and form a stronger global team, the Institute will see Keppelites from different business units meet, exchange views and learn from one another. Beyond being a centre for learning, the Institute will evolve with the needs of our business units. A key feature of the Institute's pedagogy is its close collaboration with our business units to ensure the relevance of programmes.

As we tackle the uncertainties and challenges of the future, our business will need leaders who will not only build sustainable business, but also exemplify our core values and touch lives. The Keppel Leadership Institute will be the key to unlocking the potential of Keppelites.

Mr Loh Chin Hua

CEO of Keppel Ltd.

Leaders’ Dialogue series
Leaders’ Dialogue series
Keppel Young Leaders Symposium 2019
Keppel Young Leaders Symposium 2019
Charcoal painting activity jointly organised with National Gallery Singapore
Charcoal painting activity jointly organised with National Gallery Singapore
Keppel Young Leaders

Keppel Young Leaders, as part of Keppel’s talent management framework, comprises of a group of high-potential Keppelites who are well-informed, deeply connected to the Keppel community and strongly supported by Keppel's senior management. The group aspires to be leaders who are dynamic, enterprising, transformational and resilient.

Guided by an advisory panel of senior management, Keppel Young Leaders are empowered to champion and take part in high-impact projects and spearhead enriching programmes. In addition to the rich learning experiences beyond their core jobs, the young leaders also benefit from the networking and the camaraderie forged, further advancing the Company's collective strengths.



Keppel Young Leaders aspire to be:




Together, Keppel Young Leaders play a part in shaping a FutureKeppel.

We are committed to our employees' well being both inside and outside of work. 

We offer a wide spectrum of workplace wellness programmes and social activities that appeal to Keppelites from all walks. These include complimentary fitness classes, teambuilding and outdoor cohesion activities, specialty workshops and many others.

The Keppelite Recreation Club organises regular sports, recreational and social activities to provide Keppelites with avenues to forge closer ties with their colleagues within their divisions and across the Company. Movie and concert outings, overseas trips, fishing expeditions are just some of the many activities the Keppelite Recreation Club offers.

As an employee, you can join the growing number of interest groups in our vibrant online community, or even start your own, to connect with other likeminded colleagues across borders, sharing ideas, information and more.

Be a part of our dynamic global team.

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