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The Eco-City's site in 2008.
The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City today.
The Eco-City provides a conducive environment where people can live, work, play and learn.
The Eco-City is a harmonious and sustainable community.
The Eco-Business Park creates a core area of green industries in Northern China.
The Eco-City promotes the use of clean and renewable energy for sustainable development.

From wasteland to green metropolis, the vibrant 30-square-kilometre Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City (Eco-City) is a high profile bilateral cooperation project between the governments of Singapore and China, and a showpiece for Keppel’s master development expertise.

Keppel leads the Singapore consortium for this project and works closely with our Chinese partner to guide the 50-50 joint venture; Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co. Ltd. (SSTEC); in its role as master developer of the Eco-City.

The  Eco-City is envisioned to create a harmonious and sustainable community that meets the needs of an urbanising China and is planned for a population of 350,000 residents. Before the project broke ground in 2008, the site comprised mainly salt farms, non-arable land and polluted water-bodies.

Today, the Eco-City is also a bustling community with business parks, neighbourhood centres, libraries, a hospital and schools. The project was also named China’s first National Green Development Demonstration Zone.

Keppel’s diverse capabilities in energy, property, infrastructure and connectivity are brought together in the Eco-City to create a highly liveable, smart and sustainable community.