Innovation & technology

We are harnessing technology and innovation to drive transformation and achieve Keppel’s Vision 2030 plans.

Keppel has a strong track record in innovation and transformation. As we drive our transformation into a global asset manager and operator, we have a multipronged approach to innovation across our Operating Divisions and our Fund Management & Investment platform. Our lens on innovation includes both short and long term efforts, ranging from near term innovations aiming to enhance and defend businesses, to mid term innovation aiming to accelerate the commercialisation of our new engines of growth, to long term technology foresight that helps ensure we identify future growth engines and anticipate potential disruptions on the horizon.

Each of our Operating Divisions are championing innovation in their respective domain, building on their strong expertise, market knowledge and customer proximity, with the objective to constantly develop new ways to operate our assets, plus designing and developing new integrated solutions in line with our Vision 2030 strategy. While each Operating Division is exploring specific innovation themes relevant to their industries, there are common themes across segments, such as accelerating the development of Sustainability-related & Energy Transition solutions; adopting a full Ecosystem & Value Chain approach to address complex problems; and embedding Customer Centricity and Digitalisation into our operations. Those innovation efforts help create a pipeline of attractive proprietary investment opportunities for our investors in the future and increase Keppel’s differentiation for our Fund Management and Investment platforms. As an asset manager, we also innovate in terms of Digitalisation and using AI to improve the way we assess opportunities and deploy capital, manage our portfolio and enhance our assets.

Concurrently, our Digital, IT, Transformation and Innovation teams work in close collaboration to uplift our capabilities across broad topics of digitalisation, data and AI, in ways that support our transformation across platforms and divisions. Those innovation efforts are supplemented by stakes in start-ups and Venture Capital funds such as FifthWall that help to broaden exposure and accelerate learnings.

Beyond in-house capabilities, Keppel also taps the insights of the Keppel Technology Advisory Panel (KTAP), comprising eminent business leaders and industry experts from across the world, who guide our innovation journey and provide technology foresight. This includes monitoring of early-stage industry developments, and new technologies as well as future scenario mapping. Through the KTAP members, Keppel is also able to access global networks so as to stay updated on emerging trends and latest technologies as well as the evolution of the global landscape. In so doing, we continue to future-proof our business and enhance our capabilities as an asset manager and operator.

Keppel also adopts a robust ecosystem and value chain approach, through partnerships with industry stakeholders including institutes of higher learning, government agencies, global and local corporates, venture funds and start-ups. This allows us to address complex and cross-domain challenges that have the potential for greater value creation or differentiated offerings for our investors.