25 April 2023

Woodside and Keppel Data Centres sign Heads of Agreement for liquid hydrogen supply

Woodside Energy Ltd (Woodside) and Keppel Data Centres Holding Pte Ltd (Keppel Data Centres) have signed a non-binding Heads of Agreement (HOA) to evaluate the potential supply of liquid hydrogen to Singapore from Woodside’s portfolio of planned production facilities, including its proposed H2Perth facility in Perth, Western Australia. 

The HOA provides a pathway for the parties to jointly develop further commercial principles for key hydrogen supply chain agreements. The HOA references the potential purchase of approximately 1000 tonnes per day of liquid hydrogen by Keppel Data Centres as early as 2030, when the parties anticipate the associated production technologies and shipping systems will reach maturity. 

It is envisaged that a hydrogen supply chain will benefit Keppel Data Centres’ data centre facilities, including its planned Datapark+, which is envisioned to be an energy-efficient data centre park development in Singapore. Using hydrogen instead of more carbon-intensive energy sources has the potential to reduce emissions generated by data centres. 

At the HOA signing in Singapore, Woodside Executive Vice President New Energy Mr Shaun Gregory pointed to Woodside’s proven track record as an energy supplier to the region and its liquid hydrogen experience being developed through its work on the proposed H2OK project for the U.S. domestic market, as well as H2Perth. 

“Woodside has more than 30 years’ experience cooling, storing and transporting large volumes of gas. Liquefying hydrogen provides the opportunity to export energy that can contribute to the decarbonisation goals of customers and provide an economic and trade opportunity that supports the Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement”, he said. 

Mr Wong Wai Meng CEO of Keppel Data Centres, said, “We are investing to create a sustainable future for data centres through innovative lower-carbon solutions. Access to a stable supply of hydrogen to power our data centres in Singapore will accelerate our decarbonisation efforts as we transition towards net zero emissions. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with Woodside to explore ways to reduce emissions and make a positive environmental impact.” 

The HOA follows the conclusion of feasibility studies the parties began in late-2021.


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About Woodside

We are a global energy company, founded in Australia with a spirit of innovation and determination.
The world needs energy that is affordable, reliable and lower carbon to support a successful energy transition. We provide energy to heat and cool homes, keep lights on and support industry. We aim to thrive through the global energy transition with a low cost, lower carbon, profitable, resilient and diversified portfolio[1]. We also have a target to invest US$5 billion in new energy products and lower carbon services by 2030[2]. Our new energy opportunities include the proposed hydrogen and ammonia projects H2Perth and H2TAS in Australia, Southern Green Hydrogen in New Zealand, and the proposed liquid hydrogen project H2OK in the US.

For more information, visit www.woodside.com/new-energy  

About Keppel Data Centres 

Keppel Data Centres Holding (Keppel Data Centres) is the data centre arm of Keppel Corporation, a Singapore-headquartered global asset manager and operator with strong expertise in sustainability-related solutions spanning the areas of energy & environment, urban development and connectivity. 

Keppel Data Centres has a track record of more than a decade in owning, developing and managing high-quality carrier-neutral data centre facilities that support mission-critical computer systems. Strongly committed to environmentally sustainable business practices, Keppel Data Centres offers a comprehensive range of wholesale, build-to-suit and co-location solutions built to the high industry standards.   

The Keppel Group owns and operates a global portfolio of more than 30 data centres located in key data centre hubs across Asia Pacific and Europe.   

For more information, please visit www.keppeldatacentres.com  

About hydrogen and liquid hydrogen 

Hydrogen does not emit carbon dioxide at the point of use and can be used in a range of applications including power generation, town gas and as an industrial feedstock. Hydrogen has been recognised as a key option to realise the net zero greenhouse gas emissions commitments that governments have announced in recent years. Liquid hydrogen (LH2) can be made by cooling hydrogen to below negative 253 degrees Celsius and occupies significantly less volume than in its gaseous state, which could make it suitable for shipping.


[1] For Woodside, a lower carbon portfolio is one from which the net equity scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions, which includes the use of offsets, are being reduced towards targets, and into which new energy products and lower carbon services are planned to be introduced as a complement to existing and new investments in oil and gas. Our Climate Policy sets out the principles that we believe will assist us achieve this aim.

[2] Individual investment decisions are subject to Woodside’s investment targets. Not guidance. Potentially includes both organic and inorganic investment.